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Spot-on Audience

Discover hotspots and optimal sites where your target audience can be found at different times. Know WHEN & WHERE to reach out to a very responsive crowd.

Very Granular

Our three-tier taxonomy allows you to select from hundreds of audience categories to narrow down your search to a very granular level. E.g., Autos -> German cars -> BMW.

Street-level View

Get an understanding of what kind of crowd (their wants and needs) is hanging out on the corner of this street or a couple of blocks from here.

Historic Data

Locomizer feeds tons of historical geo data from anonymous sources into our data pipes to build a very strong predictive audience model.

Google Search-like UI

Instantly discover audience segments on a map by typing in a keyword and hitting a search button in a Google Search-like user interface. The audience heatmap will be created on the fly.


Robust filtering

Do you want to know where your target audience spends time on Sunday mornings? Narrow down your search by applying time, demo and Twitter keyword filters to identify hotspots with receptive crowds.


Rich location data

The audience heatmap tiles contain rich contextual data, including place affinity scores for selected categories, number of users, visits, demographics, positive sentiment, and Twitter keywords.


Swift audience reporting

Are you planning a geofence or out-of-home campaign? Effectively search for locations that are likely to contain your target audience based on search criteria, quickly generate a report, and export data for further campaign use.


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